Butzi, French Keynote and TEDx Speaker, professional magician and actor, uses his skills and experience to empower his audiences to be more creative and bold.

He has given conferences and taught workshops all over the world, wrote 2 books on creativity and now gives all his energy to help people reach their full creative potential.


Butzi, Keynote Speaker and Magician


Me: So what is Butzi all about? 

Me: Well, my real name is "Johannes" but everyone calls me “Butzi”.  In my mother’s german dialect, it translates to “little kid”, “toddler” and it is traditionally like that that we call the youngest one of the family. Even if it is not the case anymore, I decided to keep this nickname as a magician and keynote speaker because it fits to my life philosophy, my magic and my view on what creativity is all about.

Me: Okay, so what is your life philosophy? 

Me: I strongly believe that being a keynote speaker is the logical completion of my life adventures and my artistic experiences. What I have learned from acting, magic, clowning and creative thinking are pretty much the same lessons: everything is possible, it is just a matter of “freeing ourselves from ourselves”like Michelangelo said, because the real magic is in ourselves and always was. When I coach people or give my keynote on creativity, and underline that it is all a matter of unlocking our natural potential. Whether it is about creativity, optimism, curiosity, audacity -or any of the millions of qualities we had as kids (which is by the way what my TEDx talk is about), we have to open our minds and heart and let it all mix with our knowledge and experiences.